Module I: Complex  Research & Development Projects

Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Processes

Electronic phases and transport mechanisms in  (Ln,Ln’)1-xAxMn1-yMyO3+d 

(Ln, Ln’= rare earth,  A=Sr, Ca, Ba, Pb, K; M=Cu, Cr, Co, V, Sc)

Contract No. 84/2006

 Project Consortium:

           Dr. Mihai Lozovan – Director of the project,  

         Lecturer dr. Carmen Miţă – Project responsible,

Budget: 1.200.000 lei,

Objectives of the project:
  • 1)synthesis and determination of electronic phase diagram for a new  (Ln,Ln’)1-xAxMn1-yMyO3+d (Ln,Ln’=rare earth, A=Sr,Ca,Ba,Pb; M=Cu,Cr,Co,V,Sc)  
  • establish of a correlation between transport characteristics, magnetic structure and electronic phase composition 
Technical objectives of project:
  • establish of the influence of alkali oxidic additives on phase composition of manganites, 
  • design and obtain of bulk and thin films magnetoresistive manganites, 
  •  achievement and testing of some experimental models of the magnetic field/temperatures sensors, working into 250 -350 K, based on the  (Ln,Ln’)1-xAxMn1-yMyO3+d .

Electronic phases and transport mechanisms

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