High Performance Computational Methods in the Nanomagnetic Materials Modeling and Design

General Presentation



Excellence Research - CEEX 2006


Module 1 - Complex Research and Development Projects

The Proposal Acronym: MCIP-MPMN

Contract: C76 / 2006

The Proposal Number: 1733


Thematic Areas:

- Knowledge, Learning and Cognitive Systems

- NanoSciences NanoTechnology

- Materials

- Materials and advanced Technologies


Project Aim


The Project proposes the use of High-Performance Computational Methods for the magnetic nanomaterials properties modelling


Major Expected Results


- The Generation of New Knowledge of the phenomena of interface and those dependent on the size, nano-scale units


- Properties Control of some Magnetic Materials at Nanometric Scale for New Applications use


- The generation of New Methods for handling and characterization of Magnetic Materials at nano scale size


- The exploitation of new concepts, including the integration and convergence of Nanotechnology for materials with remarkable magnetic properties


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